The Choir goes Virtual!

News Archive : The Choir goes Virtual!

The Sinfonia Chorale -  finding themselves in a similar situation to many other similarly talented Choirs from around the country, decided to adopt the well-known maxim - "If you can't beat them, join them".

So, with a bit of cajoling and arm-twisting (preserving a social distance!), several Members joined virtual forces and produced a work, (not exactly their best ever, and aptly described by their Director as having "novelty value") which is presented here for general entertainment in these difficult times.

Apologies are due to the late Thomas Morley (1557–1602) who wrote the original madrigal.

Whether or not he would have approved of the modern light-hearted lyrics is up for discussion, but having now had a taste of this new medium and with a completely new set of techniques to master, many of the Choir are looking forward to their next virtual performance - complete with virtual conductor - so watch this space for the next enthralling episode.

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