Bach’s Mass in B Minor

Concert Reviews : Bach’s Mass in B Minor

Sinfonia Chorale’s 50th Anniversary Concert on Saturday 11th March at 7.30pm in Southwell Minster certainly lived up to expectations, and the performance of Bach’s Mass in B Minor - a monumental composition which never fails to inspire the listener - was indeed one of the highlights in the musical calendar for 2017. 

The magnificent line-up of soloists along with the Baroque Ensemble (Leader Nicolette Moonen) together with our Conductor Richard Roddis, ensured the evening was one to remember for years to come.

Hopefully this selection of the many comments received conveys the appreciation of all who were involved - both the audience and performers alike.

  • "You the choir, with tremendous application and intelligence, made it live, gave it heart, and did all the right things" - Richard Roddis
  • "I personally felt that the choir had never sounded better" - Pam Richings 
  • "... it certainly hits the spot and carried everyone along with it, instrumentalists, singers and, above all, the conductor who injected a very special shot of pzazz into the enterprise from the very first rehearsal." - Jeremy Leaman
  • "I'm pleased to hear that I wasn't alone in choking back a tear as we walked off after the tumultuous applause." - Liz Pike
  • "I must have sung it four times but last night was by far the best." - Margaret Tait
  • "I would especially single out the orchestra who brought the music alive more than I have heard before." - Kelvin Steele
  • "Richard's conducting was so inspiring – he was almost dancing to the music." - Thoralf Klein
  • "A few from my church congregation came to our concert last night - admittedly a little apprehensive at the prospect. During our service this morning, on the theme of 'What's God up to in the world?' someone was moved to stand up and share that God was indeed to be found in Southwell Minster last night....'It was not a concert, but a sublime drawing close to heaven.....'" - Amanda Lees
  • "Never before have I felt such joy and ability in singing so many semiquavers at such a speed in such a fantastic setting with such a wonderful choir and conductor." - Diane Roberts
  • "... the outstandingly beautiful Agnus Dei and the Dona nobis pacem took me to another 'sphere', it was truly transcendental." - Pat Travis (audience)
  • "I have not heard, and certainly not taken part in, any B Minor Mass outside London which came near to this one. I worshipped, and I suspect others did too." - Colin Wolfe (audience)
  • "... what a treat to sing with such a wonderful choir, ensemble and group of soloists." - Liza Cassidy (soprano)
  • "I loved it, what a concert." - William Purefoy (counter tenor)
  • "The choir was in fantastic form and that is a credit to your leadership. I couldn’t agree more that it was a wonderful performance of a beautiful piece of music." - James Gallimore (tenor)
  • "It was a really special concert to be involved in. Your choir and orchestra were glorious, my fellow soloists superb, and the reaction of the audience showed." - Michael Dewis (bass)
  • "Stunning performance of Bach Mass in B Minor by Sinfonia Chorale at Southwell Minster tonight. Thank you for a fabulous evening." - Gordon Foster (audience)
  • "Excellent B minor Mass tonight - well done to all involved." - Nick Milburn (audience)

A detailed review written by Choir Member Sue Jolly is available for perusing on the Sinfonia Chorale website.

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